Strapping Consumables

Steel strapping

Steel Strapping is one of the oldest most reliable, Eco Friendly and widely Used Packaging Consumable all over the world by Various industries to packaging to packing movement of heavy, Medium size of bulk packages .,

Pet Strapping

PET Strapping- POLYESTER STRAPPING – most well Received alternative Packaging Consumables for steel strapping due to its costs effectiveness and easy handling property . Due to pet strappings significant advantages of less weight and rust proof property it is almost covering all the industries packaging needs for their wide spread logistic and export packaging needs.

PP Strapping

PP STRAPPING- POLYPROPELENE STRAPPING Is a general consumables which is widely used by various segments due to its economic and safety advantages.

Cord Strapping

Cord Strapping is versatile consumables used in cargo lashing and automobile exports due to its reusable and rigidity property . We are the supplier, dealer, distributor, retailer & exporter of cord strapping. Cord strapping also used as a prominent packing consumables in the latest lashing process in container stuffing and heavy equipment movements. Wisepack associates supplies chord strapping along with buckles & clips with suitable hand/pneumatic operated tools and machinery.

Steel Strapping Seals

Wisepack Supplies Steel Strapping Seals (Open Seals and double notches heavy duty seals) with various size Specific needs for Packaging as per customers specific

Pet Strapping Seals

Poly Strapping is one of the most well received packing consumable in the field of paint, lubricant and automobile spares and coir and textile industrial segments. Significant advantages of its less weight and flexibility pet strapping is becoming vital consumables in export packaging

Cord Strapping Buckles

We are engaged in offering wide range of Lashing Buckle, commonly known as wire buckles are used with Cordstrap strap. These buckles have thickness varying from 3mm to 7mm & are available for 13mm, 16mm, 19mm , 25 mm , 32 mm Lashing Straps. Manufactured with stringent quality procedures these buckles have good load bearing strength & can be provided at the most economical prices

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